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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 16, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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chase. so you can. a family makes a wrong turn... >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, a cliff hanger in the oakland hills. a family makes a wrong term and drives straight into trouble. all they wanted to do was take their daughter out to dinner. >> but things went wrong near glen oaks and wild current way where da lin picks up the story. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a happy occasion almost turned into a tragedy. it fell about 50 feet down a steep hill. >> at least a 40% grade there. >> reporter: thankfully, some trees stopped it from going down further. >> the vehicle was unstable.
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we are afraid it was going to roll with the patients in it. >> reporter: firefighters say the victims were driving the rental van to pick up their daughter for a graduation celebration dinner. the daughter's commencement at uc berkeley is tomorrow. witnesses say the mother was more worried about missing the commencement than her injuries as firefighters rescued her. >> she was trying to figure out if she would still be able to go to her daughter's commencement which is very sad. it was terrifying. >> reporter: firefighters brought two women and a man all the way down to the bottom of the hill. >> it's a sad story, you know. there is never a good time for that. especially a day like that. >> reporter: firefighters say they just don't know yet if those people will be released from the hospital by tomorrow and make it to the commencement ceremony. but they certainly hope so. in oakland, i'm da lin. kpix5. >> the people in the van were from antioch. firefighters described their injuries as moderate. tonight, a pilot who took off from the palo alto airport
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a week ago is missing somewhere over the pacific. william mcadams is 24 years old. he owns fly high bay area aviation in palo alto. a radar signal was picked up off the mexican coastline. the fbi is now searching for him. a problem in one bay area park. wasps. and it is a painful problem. a swarm has been attacking people in cordonese's park in berkeley. wait until you hear what one woman told christin ayers. >> reporter: it was peaceful today, but hours earlier. >> its was too nightmarish. >> reporter: a scene straight out of the movie of birds only the attackers were a swarm of yellow jackets. >> they were all over me. mainly in my hair and circling my hair and running down by back and in my ears.
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>> reporter: the yellow jackets were so aggressive that screaming and running didn't help. >> they were chasing us. you know. it was like stunning. >> reporter: the attack left mimi with several dozen stings to her head, neck, face, and hands. she had to be treated at the hospital. another worm was also attacked and so was mimi's dogs. mimi says she is relieved when that removed the nest knowing the nest has been removed, she says she is still cautious. >> i'm going to not go on that path quite a while. until a i hear it is okay. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. >> christin says everyone who was stung is expected to be okay. drugs, booze, hazing, tonight, all that has gotten stanford band into some trouble. sharon chin on the bad behavior and the punishment.
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sharon? >> this is a specific instance in which a band member was given an alcoholic concoction designed to make him throw up in public it is like something from a movie. but in stanford, the punishment is real. a university investigation says the stanford marching band violated the school's policies on alcohol, illegal substances, hazing, and sexual harassment on several locations in the last four year. so over the next year, the band can't travel with sports teams or serve alcohol at its events. it is a talker on campus. >> why do we have to though up to games without a band? on the other hand, i know they have been investigated for violations in the past. >> reporter: an administrator explained in a statement, the university's objective is to create a safe harassment free environment while honoring the
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band's tradition and identity. tonight, band members declined an interview, but wrote there are aspects of band culture which are no longer in line with our values and we understand that despite further growth, we have further to go. sharon chin, kpix5. >> the band can appeal the university's decision. tonight, an arrest in the murder of 18-year-old max rusk, shot yesterday near jesse bethel high school near vallejo. this is the killer. 19-year-old zachary krull. tonight, the victim's dad has this message. >> what would you say to this guy? >> you are a piece of [bleep] and i hope you burn in hell. >> now police tell us the boys knew each other, but didn't elaborate on that. there is still no motive for
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the killing. best friends all 18 years old, looking forward to high school graduation in a few weeks. police say they died because they got into a car with the wrong guy. betty yu is in gilroy tonight. betty? >> reporter: liz, this is somebody that was very close to or familiar with these girls. tonight, their friends and classmates here in gilroy say they learned a real tough lesson about the dangers of drinking and driving from their tragic deaths. >> i know now she is happy because she went with the girls she loved the most. >> reporter: three best friends. >> i love you! >> reporter: their smiling faces, photos, and favorite colors worn on the broken hearts of so many who loved them at tonight's memorial. >> we are not going good. we are very saddened. who would think that this would
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happen to us. we didn't know anything. >> reporter: on tuesday night, the girls were all sitting in the backseat of this mustang. chp says the driver, 23-year- old anthony embernon had been drinking. they also found drugs and alcohol inside the car. anthony swerved off the road and hit a concrete drainage ditch. he was the only one to survive. friends tell us he was yolanda's new boyfriend. >> he was good to her. they went out to eat all the time. they loved each other. >> reporter: he often shared dark posts about heavy drinking on facebook. last month, he wrote about being unhappy. >> i want to say to all you young kids, please be careful. life is too short. take your life and do something good with it. temptation is always there. >> reporter: the superintendent says that the district will hand out honorary diplomas to a family member of each of the
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students at their graduation. along with these girls, a fourth person, a 24-year-old man in the passenger seat also died in the crash. live in gilroy, betty yu, kpix5. jurors said that dzhokhar tsarnaev showed no remorse about bombing the boston marathon. today, they showed him no mercy. they sentenced the 21-year-old to death for the 2013 attack and its aftermath which killed four people, injured hundreds more. and off duty firefighter helping out that day said "he wanted to go to hell and he is going to get there early." however, lit likely be years before the sentence is carried out. tonight, a new twist in the deadly amtrak crash. veronica de la cruz shows us a photo now at the center of the investigation. veronica? >> reporter: tonight, the fbi has been asked to investigation whether the train was shot at or hit by some other object right before it careened off the trails. look at this picture of the
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windshield. there are circular cracks on one side. a fellow conductor heard a radio transmission about the windshield being hit or shot at. the engineer brandon bostian says he doesn't remember anything about the crash. he wasn't sick or tired. he was the only person in the car. his last memory, ringing the bell about four miles before the train crashed. eight people were killed in the crash. so far, investigators say they haven't found any problems with the crash, the signals, or the train itself. live in the news room, veronica de la cruz, kpix5. incredible video from hercules tonight. a guy took on a grass fire with a garden hose and won. watch this. the flames came right up to the back deck of the house this afternoon. but he didn't back down.
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even when the fire was right on top of him. >> got to get out of there. it is going right for the house. >> in the end, the fire stopped just inches away and get this. it wasn't even his house. he just happened to be visiting a house across the street and grabbed the hose. well, you could hear in that video how dry it really is out there. everywhere we turn, we are being ordered to conserve water. but wait until you see what andria borba discovered at candlestick park. >> reporter: the latest sight at candlestick is not about the red and gold, but something more precious. water. in candlestick, there is not dust from an implosion, but water from hetch hetchy. that's right, the water knocking down the demolition dust is san francisco drinking water. they explain why it is not recycled h20. >> we are not allowed to mist
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it around where you can invest it or inhale it. >> reporter: it is actually written into california public health code. >> this is a necessary use of the water. if they weren't using the water to keep that dust down, that dust would be going on into the surrounding neighborhoods. >> reporter: dust is why bay view homeowner shirley moore led the charge against implosion. but they are taking more than cash for the touch down tear down. they have switched from the bay view line to the candlestick line. but no one knows how much drinking water has already been sprayed on the drinking water. it is time for construction boom plan b. >> they will have to learn how to address these issues. and this is a teachable moment. >> reporter: andria borba,
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kpix5. squatters refuse to leave for weeks. tonight, the nightmare is finally over for one homeowner. we saw the tenants pulling away from the watsonville home this afternoon in a moving van. they wouldn't say anything to us. we first told you about this horror story last night. the homeowner says the tenants stopped paying rent weeks ago. she served them an eviction notice and they ignored it. >> finally, i called them the devils. they have left my house. we closed the deal where i had to pay them money to evict them. but thank goodness they are gone. >> the homeowner ended up paying them more than $1,700 just to get out of her house. the warriors punched their ticket to the western conference finals tonight in dramatic fashion. >> weaving, trying to get the shot up. curry flings it the other way. and he's got it! >> it was unbelievable. well joe vasquez shows us steph curry is so good, people are literally singing his praises.
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♪ when i find myself in a kind of worry, steph curry, you come for me ♪ >> reporter: sung to the beatles song let it be. it shows steph curry in all his glory. ♪ he will be the answer, steph curry ♪ >> reporter: the video's producers, craig kind, and advertising guy, and emerson hock, are huge warriors fans. they got the idea from a british tradition of writing tribute songs to athletes. >> we reached out to a friend of mine who owns a music production company and he had been working with these amazing singers. and they just, you know, in their own time just laid down the track. it has caught fire, you know. like steph curry. >> reporter: the guys have played the video here at their favorite bar, the warehouse.
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>> if everything goes well, we want to have the whole crowd at oracle singing this song after a game or halftime, or while he is sinking a three. that would be amazing. ♪ steph curry! ♪ [ laughter ] >> that song will be in my head all night. well, we will hear from steph curry and coach steve kerr ahead in sports. party too hard at the bar? tonight, there is a new cure for the hangover. cate caugurian shows us a click of the house delivers it straight to your door. >> reporter: a great night out can sometimes lead to a rough morning. the dreaded hangover. it takes over your day, your mood, your health. but what if we told you, you could fix it in under an hour? >> the treatment is amazingly helpful for turning you around
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from feeling really not well to really well within an hour. >> reporter: a new popular service in the bay area ... the iv dock. also dubbed the uber for hangovers. >> new year's day was very busy for us. now after saint patrick's day. >> reporter: you go online, pick your treatment and a physician calls and making their recommendations and refers them to one of the nurses. within a couple of hours, a nurse is at your doorstep. >> it is not very medically based but very beneficial to people in situations where they might need rehydration. >> reporter: not medically based because it is all done from your personal space. >> it is in the privacy of your own home. >> reporter: the hangover cures only one option. other include recovery from the flu, jet lag, food poisoning, and some brides called for vitamin refresher and there is a treatment for the burnt out athlete. >> we went snow boarding. dehydrated. >> reporter: this is nate's
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first time with the iv dock. the pact he didn't have to leave his couch sold the engineer. or lift a finger. a cost, about $199. a price san francisco's growing on demand customers are willing to pay to gain back their day. making it the easy medicine for millennials. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. well, these businesses have also popped up in vegas, la, and new york. >> a new block buster for netflix tonight. its stock has topped $600 at the first time closing at 61325. they may expand their streaming services to china. netflix stock is up 77% for the year. tonight, one of the hottest girl groups ever is make ago come back thanks to some die hard fans. betty yu takes us backstage in
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san jose. ♪ every night, i get a little crazy. >> reporter: tlc. they are the best selling girl group in u.s. history. and singing and dancing to sell- out crowds since ... ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls ♪ >> reporter: more than 65 million records sold around the world. with hits like no scrubs, the hip hop r and b group defined pop culture in the 90s . 20 plus years later, they are holing down the stage on tour this summer with new kids on the block. but they are not stopping here. >> hey! >> hey karl. >> reporter: the surviving members t-boz and chili are asking for help funding their latest item. >> set outside of the box. that is what we do. the fact so many of our fan
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haves been wanting new music for many, many years, we felt like that was the right direction. >> this is not because we need fans to help pay for albums. >> no, we wanted to do it with them. our fans, i'm telling you, they are the most amazing fans. >> reporter: the fans have responded. in less than three days, the duo raised three times their goal. bringing in $430,000. >> bling, bling. >> yeah. >> reporter: depending on how much fans pledge, they can get backstage vip access. autographed shirts, a workout session or slumber party with the ladies. this actually isn't the first time tlc has connected with fans digitally. >> we were the first to do they thought we were crazy. but when we smashed and killed it, we were brilliant. this is something i think is
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innovative and new. >> reporter: an it comes from freedom from the studio. >> we don't have to worry about a lot of things when we go in there. as far as what we want to talk about. who we want to work with. all those things, we can do freely. >> reporter: in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. >> this will be tlc's first album since 2002. that was the year the group's third member, left-eye died in a car crash in honduras. we are down to four more nights of letterman. dave came to san francisco to do a week of shows in 1996. we are looking back to the 49ers glory days. take a look. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ singing ] ♪ if you want to
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call me baby, just go ahead now. if you would like to tell me baby, just go ahead now. if you, would like to buy me flowers, just go ahead now. if you would like to talk for hours, just go ahead now. if you want to ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, joe montana. joe! [ laughter ] joe math montana!
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joe montana! >> those were the days. yeah, tonight on letterman, oprah winfrey and norm mcdonald. >> it would be a great show. should be a great weekend too. >> it is not warm, it will be dry. you will be fine getting outside. if you don't mind a little bit of a chill. low clouds and fog returning to san mateo, san bruno. right there at san francisco international airport. 14 straight days cooler than average. it will make it to at least 21. there are seven more onlying including tomorrow. maybe a little wine tour in livermore. there will be a cloudy start. only warming up to 63 and the warmest we get in livermore tomorrow, 67 degrees. that is ten degrees below average. it is all about low pressure areas. they are kind of multiplying on us. we have one over the inland northwest. one over arizona. record rainfall. the fifth wettest day in may in
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phoenix history and it is still raining tonight. nearly an inch of rainfall for the valley of the sun. not sunny today. big trough of low pressure, but the low pressure areas individually will not get close enough next week to give us rainfall. but they certainly will give us that strong on-shore flow. remember in the wintertime we talked about how the pattern was stuck and nothing was moving? it is stuck again. but we are not stuck with a ridge this time, but a trough. if you like chilly weather, you will like the next seven days. that low from the ocean is going absolutely nowhere. breezy with temperatures below normal. a little drizzle at the coast. look at the highs. well below average. san jose, 68. redwood city, 67. upper 60s for san ramon, concord. pittsburgh, you may be hitting 70. 60 in san francisco. and 73 in windsor. extended forecast, set it and forget it. we are staying in the 60s near the bay. 70s inland. nothing is going to change for the next week. so it will be chilly. >> okay.
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all right. thank you paul. coming up, you will meet california's new deputy first dog. maybe deputy doug. she even has her
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>> well, california has a new top dog tonight. >> calusa lucy brown. love that name. was introduced today as deputy first dog. governor brown brought her home earlier this month where she met her big brother sutter of
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course. she is even on twitter. saying reading all those tweets is exhausting. can't find a better bay area sports story more trending than this. new western finalist golden state warriors! and what they
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>> nba up top. a night for dub nation. a wire to wire performance in memphis. next game? tuesday at home. western conference final. steph curry and the dubs, some unfinished business. look at the ball movement here. curry, a little cut. draymond green, dubs up 15. green scored 16. here is the big play of the game. end of the third.
2:07 am
turnover and curry ... oh! 62 feet! curry scored 32, ten assists, hit eight threes. he had more threes in this series than the entire memphis team! warriors won it 108-95 and advance to their first western conference final since 1976! >> 39 years since we have been in the conference finals. it is a testament to all the work that has been put in. i jumped on board this year and the train was already rolling. it is really fun to be a part of this group. >> and he's got it. >> no, we have a couple of seconds left. just shuck it up there. looked good the whole way. it was fun to see that one go in. >> come on baby, light my fire. hey, giants, reds, speaking of fire, brandon belt. giants got a 10-2 win for
2:08 am
bumgarner. hunter pence will be activated tomorrow. well the as tonight, if it wasn't for bad luck, they would have none at all. gaffer by coco crisp. here is how the game ended. a tag-out after a brief run down. 21,464 saw them lose the game 7- 6. the as have the worst record in baseball female announcer: it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> david letterman is next with opra
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